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New RAID card purchased
May 21st, 2010 at 6:44AM - Posted by Lozer T. User
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A new RAID controller card has been purchased. We are now waiting for our hard drives, which should be purchased sometime in the next few months. There is still the ETA of June-July, but may be pushed back for other reasons. Thank you for your patience while we get everything ready for the rebirth.
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Work completed, waiting on server...
Apr 26th, 2010 at 6:09PM - Posted by Lozer T. User
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Work is now completed with the coding side of things. I am now waiting for enough money to prepay a new server for a year. At this time, you will notice no changes to how the site operated before. Back-end code was cleaned, but front-end should be the same. Anyway, once the server is set up, there will be a test period of getting things set up, and then the downloads will go live.

I'm expecting, about 2 months from now. If you had an AnimeBW Complete account from before and did not get a refund, let us know and we will set your account up with Complete access when the content is up and the site is ready.
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Work nearly completed.
Apr 14th, 2010 at 7:03AM - Posted by Lozer T. User
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Work is nearing completion. All that is left is to finish tweaking our download system to allow more perks based on your user group on the forum, commenting on the anime you've rated and seen, and ordering new server parts. Everything but ordering a new server should not take too long at all.

We will still be having a limiter on how many new connections you can make per X seconds, but this will decrease based on which user group you belong to on the site.
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Work being done on backend.
Apr 12th, 2010 at 6:24AM - Posted by Lozer T. User
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Work is being done recoding the site from its stale, nearly 2-4 year old, code. Quite a mess to say the least. Once the main site is reprogrammed in PHP that is readable, I will then tackle getting the download page back online and adding rating and commenting on that for public use. Once that is finished, I plan on having a dedicated server added to the site with (3) 1-2TB drives for anime. Probably going with 2TB drives. This should be enough to start with.

I also plan on altering our scripts for the download section to possibly limit in a more uniform way as I wish to consolidate the accounts on the forum with our current system based on the user ranks. The higher your rank, the less you have to wait to download another file. This should increase forum activity and give everyone something to do while waiting for a download to finish.

Also, I wish to put out an apology to NC and Gyad. I'd like to thank them for the both great times and bad times we've had, all the work they put into the site with the character battles, moderation being done, and most importantly, hanging out with me on voice chat. A long time has passed without much talk between us so I'd like to extend the following thoughts and the previous apology.

I hope Gyad is doing well in his move up in life to college and NaughtyCalibur is having success in his video production endeavor.
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May bring back direct downloads.
Apr 10th, 2010 at 8:24AM - Posted by Lozer T. User
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A year and a few months have passed since we've closed our direct downloads. I've managed to find someone who is willing to run the show, supplying up to date downloads for everyone. There will be premium access which will be linked to your forum account rather than through a sub-domain. The rebirth will be strictly for anime, just to keep it simple. More details will follow in the coming months if all goes according to keika-... plan.
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Direct Downloads Shutting Down February 7th.
Jan 9th, 2009 at 6:52PM - Posted by Lozer T. User
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Dear Members,

I am sorry to inform you that we are going to be closing down our direct downloads February 7th 2009. It has been a quite wonderful adventure running this service for you, and yet while it has been a blast, we are now currently unable to maintain the site due to lack of funding, need and interest. With the combination of torrents and video streams, AnimeBW can not keep up with the rate at which the anime community grows. I do hope some day we return them, but this is not foreseeable in the immediate future. While not required to, if you have got a Complete account and still have time left on it we will be able to refund a very small portion of it. If you donated recently we can return it all if your account has not yet expired by the close date. I apologize for the sudden termination of the downloads but it is the only solution available at this time.

It has been an honor, thank you for choosing AnimeBW all these years for your DDL needs.
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New RAID card just came in!
Dec 10th, 2008 at 1:53PM - Posted by Lozer T. User
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Yay! I've just received a new raid card in the mail. This card should give us a chance to expand our media as currently we are running low on disk space. What will happen is over the next few months I will be purchasing 1TB hard drives and installing them into this card. This card can handle 8 new drives so we can open up quite a selection of files to download.

Anyway, how it works:

We will set the card up so we can have one or two drives fail before we need to replace it giving us 6.5TB or 5.5TB of space to work with. I'll probably go with the 6.5TB of anime storage space. If you really want to help us out and purchase these drives ahead of schedule you can donate to us and we'll give you an AnimeBW Complete account for your effort. Each $2 USD given to us will give you one month of our premium service. Already have a Complete account? Each $1 USD that you donate will extend your account by one month.
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